About the Rik Clay Foundation

In a society that is infected with a failing financial system, war, crime, disease, poverty, social stratification, biases, elitism and corruption as well as the suppression and undervalue of creativity, we have to remind ourselves daily that romantic and beautiful aspects do remain.

The Rik Clay Foundation aims to sow the seed in the vision of an alternative structure of society which harnesses creativity and abundance. We want to encourage people to use their individual skills to add to the collective genius and get involved in practical and creative projects that will gradually shift the collective consciousness from one of fear and stress to one of optimism and peace, providing enough love and life's essentials for everyone, toward a culture that is resilient, fulfilling, equitable and responsible.

We are about bringing people together to develop awareness, share resources and find solutions and simple starting points to enable the transition to take place. We encourage you to join us in our activities or events and get involved in our online community forum. If you are itching to go already then take a look at our links page which points you to existing projects or indeed share with us projects you want to develop yourself.

In the long term the Rik Clay Foundation aims to become a hub of creativity, practicality and common sense that transcends politics, religion and existing power structures. As individuals we may not be able to change the world overnight but collectively we can make a massive difference.